What we do?

We specialise in freshly made, plant based, minimally processed, protein rich, reasonably priced food that we deliver to offices and homes. Our food is based on international cuisines.

What is the problem we are trying to solve?


As a vegan business we are trying to solve problems such as protein deficiency in India, environmental degradation brought on by animal agriculture, and animal cruelty. We do this by offering plant based protein rich meals.

  1. By various estimates 50-80% of Indians suffer from protein deficiency. To become health conscious, as a nation, the demand for protein rich food is bound to surge.

  2. Various studies, including a 2019 study, by scientists done for the United Nations have concluded that animal agriculture is environmentally unsustainable. They have recommend a consumption of less meat and more plant based foods to halt global warming, desertification and soil damage. The need to invest in plant based sources of food, especially protein, is critical for densely populated countries like India where there is also immense pressure on land and water. .

  3. Animal agriculture inevitably results in animals being treated cruelly.

What kind of proteins do we focus on?


We do not focus on mock meat for reasons that are unique to India. By various estimates 25-35% of Indians are vegetarian. In many schools and offices it is commonplace to allow only vegetarian meals to be served. The idea of a meal without meat is very familiar to Indians. Mock meat is not always essential to serving a satisfying plant based meal. Therefore, we focus on traditional protein rich dishes using chickpeas and kidney beans which are less processed and more freshly made than mock meats.

A regular Indian meal served in homes, offices and schools is warm, freshly made and is often served in the format of a thali (an Indian style meal made up of a selection of various dishes). A thali usually does not include industrially processed foods. We aim to mimic the thali. Freshly cooked sources of protein are better suited to this meal format than mock meats.  ,